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If your home, business or commercial property needs sewer repair, just call Plumbing in Houston or go to our website and find out what we can do for you. Cost effective and efficient, we arrive in shiny new service vehicles and clean uniforms and stress our dedication to service and quality.

Sewer Repair

Sewer line and plumbing repair are in our vocabulary. Highly skilled, trained and certified staff can handle any job. Septic tanks are on our list of troubles and maintenance work orders. If you have blocked drains, we are the people to call. Bad things are washed down your drains every day. They accumulate and become a need for sewer repair. Call or click Plumbing in Houston,TX and get a pipe jock on the clock immediately. Sewer cleaning is an easy and cheap way to make sure everything flows the way you want it to and the content do not offend your nose.

Drain problems are a simple thing that can be solved with little effort and almost no cost. Ignore them and you will be looking at much bigger issues. Drain clearing and drain unblocking are routing tasks that come with the plumbing business. There is no drain dilemma that Plumbing in Houston cannot solve. The Houston,TX sports team could use our help as well. The Texans, Astros. Rockets and the Livestock Show and Rodeo all need to flush and feel free about it. Drainage pipe supremacy and security is one of many things we believe in.

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Sewer cameras are indispensable to modern pipe and sewer investigation and sewer repair. How do you know whether or not the pipe can be easily and almost cost free plumbed? Or whether you need a backhoe and a full crew of union laborers to fix your problem? Send in a camera and see what is causing the problem.

Septic tank service

Septic tank service is a cheap and convenient insurance policy that Plumbing in Houston provides. Sewer repair and septic tank issues are something we feel all warm and fuzzy about. This is because we know it solves a major problem for a customer. We can answer your call for help even after hours in emergency situations.

You could be pumping your drains with a plunger thinking that you have something stuck in there only to realize that you are not making any progress. If you call our experienced personnel, we will check you sewer pipes and determine if they are broken and need repair. If you need replacement, we always have a good stock with us and can install a new one with no problem.